Joint Corporate Social & Environmental Responsibility

Humanity has a choice: Cooperate or perish.

U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres speaking at the COP27 climate change summit in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt

We launched our “Beautiful Nature” project. We produce nature videos and offer them via Video on Demand (VoD). Every 1-year registered user of also triggers a donation from our company for what we all love: nature.

It’s easy for you to join in!

Your company as a programme partner of makes it possible to systematically connect corporate interests with people and the protection of nature. With our “Support Programme for Nature”, we could show that a wide variety of business organisations can work together and contribute very effectively on behalf of the foundation of their existence: people and nature. It is not intended that you as a programme partner make any payments to our company, Flunx Media GmbH.

Instead, we should jointly donate so as to have a greater and positive impact on nature and climate protection. Through the special logic of the programme, your products and company achievements in the field of CSR and SEG will be brought to the attention of a broad public. It becomes much more understandable to everyone that you accept and actively exercise your co-responsibility for the natural environment as a company. This also leads to even more interest in your products and services, to more brand loyalty, to the greater attractiveness of your company as an employer, and finally to more competitive advantages.

We further sensitise people, bring about learning effects and ultimately involve them by voting in funding decisions in support of nature conservation projects of non-profit foundations.

The programme cycle and partnership

Think about the maximum amount you would like to donate to climate and nature protection every six months and let us know the amount for our planning. This budget represents your donation pledge that will not be published for the time being.

Every other programme partner does the same. In this way, the unpublished donation pledges add up.

(The donation of a company often reduces its taxable income.)

Let people know about your general commitment as a programme partner of on behalf of nature and climate protection, for example via your social media channels, on sales floors, products or online. You’re bound to have other options that you would like to use to this end as well.

Through such initiatives, through marketing activities on our site and through the work of other participants, the cross-marketing impact will be noticeable for all programme partners.

People see on that the donation pledge of all participating programme partners will increase by x euros when they register at for 1 year. And that continuously adds up to a more and more relevant amount to support nature: “Thank you all! Current donation pledge by all programme partners: y Euro.”

The users like our nature videos and are enthusiastic about the idea of collecting further donation pledges from the programme partners at the same time.

For each new nature video on, we send an email to all registered users (approx. 3 per month) which should contain your link as well as the reference to the new video. From the second programme partner onwards, the registered users are also people who did not only become registered users through your initiative. Since you can now reach them with your link, cross-marketing effects have been created for you.

You have full control over the linked information, because the linked content points to one of your websites. You can renew the linked content over time as you wish on your site or redirect the link – product advertising, information on initiatives for more sustainability, vacancies, etc. – and track the impact of the linking via the number of link views or sales.

A specific total (and publicly known) amount has now been collected. Subscribers of, but also the general public interested in nature and climate protection, are called upon to distribute the total donation pledge proportionally to three nature and climate protection programmes of non-profit foundations by means of a vote.

The call for a vote on the allocation of funds is another nice occasion to once again spread our joint commitment widely. With this vote, we want to involve and activate people and achieve that lots of individuals find out for themselves in more detail about the challenges of environmental and climate protection, about the sustainability activities of the programme partners and, above all, about the project work of the foundations up for selection before they vote.

Once the vote of all users and interested parties has been determined, we will inform you of the amount (see 1) you are kindly requested to transfer to the charitable foundation(s) as a donation for the benefit of the selected projects.

In the interest of full transparency, we are happy to provide you with a report from our VoD software partner Vimeo Inc. showing the number of new registrations on over the past six months, which determines the amount of the donation by Flunx Media GmbH, as we donate a fixed share of the proceeds to environmental and climate protection as well.

If you wish, we will show your donation receipt (or confirmation) as well as the donation receipts of further programme partners on in order to provide the public with traceable proof of the donation that has now actually been made after the donation promise: “Joint donation sum made by programme partners: xyz euros”.

When the amount donated reaches a satisfactory level, the beneficiary foundations should present in a short text or video what impact can be expected from the jointly financed programme work for the benefit of nature and what very practical steps should be taken to protect natural resources in daily life. This is another way to create an educational impact for registered users and the general public.

The programme partners, subscribers and the public together contribute to the success of our programme partnership and we hope that this “Support Programme for Nature” will grow and one day stand on its own feet. Until then, will be financed from the proceeds of other consulting and production activities of Flunx Media GmbH. As soon as this is no longer necessary, we will increase our company’s donation pledge per user in a publicly understandable way.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions you may have.