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You make decisions for your company every day. These affect many people and are the way in which stories are created. Which of these stories do you want to tell your current and future customers, your partners and employees to fill them in and of course win them over? What makes your stories more effective and how can they succeed in touching people?

What we can do for you

Our results clearly differentiate you from your competitors. You attract more customers, new partners or even more suitable employees for your company.

Media Consulting

We look at selected structures, management procedures and activities that are making stories in your company. This is where unexploited opportunities for your stakeholder communication are often hidden. We unearth these treasures and in this way relevant and truthful stories are created.

Video & Audio production

We produce individual segments, or we create a systematic communication programme with a binding effect for stakeholders on a defined topic, such as a video or podcast series on employer branding.

Clients and Partners

Latest blog posts

What’s new? In our blog we tell some stories about our activities at Flunx Media.

“Beautiful Nature seensimple.tv” now offers tranquility and relaxation via pure nature videos and nature sounds

seensimple.tv is the new CSR project of Flunx Media GmbH. With seensimple.tv, subscribers can enjoy the beauty of nature in videos – while at the same time supporting the protection of our natural heritage financially. Via our subscribers, a donation by our company in support of a Foundation for Environmental Protection and Nature Conservation is …

How does cognitive flexibility work?

Our environment is constantly changing. Successful survival under this condition implies that human behavior has to be flexible as well. We experience different places and contexts, have to conduct different tasks in a rapid sequence and need to constantly develop and re-arrange acting strategies. These abilities are not inherited, but develop with age and their regression …

This is how our activities are currently distributed

Media Consulting
Audio & Video

About us

We work in large and small teams for our customers in Europe, Africa, South East Asia and on the Arabian Peninsula.


Managing Director

Runs over 10 km almost every day and yells “I have an idea!” through the office when he gets back. Is always eager to discuss ideas for better and better advice and productions before he even hits the showers. Keeps learning every day. Likes to tell stories (see Podcast “Wie es dazu kam” in German). Works as Executive Coach since 2003, see coachniehus.com. Studied institutional economics at prestigious universities in Germany and the US with great enthusiasm. As Professor for Innovation & Entrepreneurship, he passionately discusses new opportunities for business organizations and society. And how things could be completely different… .


Head of Production

Discovered her enthusiasm for photography and videography at an early age. Has been filming, interviewing, and producing for more than 13 years for companies, foundations, and universities. Her good mood quickly spreads to anyone who happens to be on the set. Is accompanied by her super-dachshund “Freud” on the set whenever he feels like being there. Considers Hamburg to be lovely, but Sardinia and the sea to be even more enchanting. Enjoys zipping around Hamburg on her gravel bike as long as it’s not raining. Studied law in Turin, Berkeley, and Hamburg. Her Italian temperament is legendary and is something that Hamburg sorely needs.

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