Podcast COACHNIEHUS discusses individual choices in organisations and stories that develop from this

What happens from an economic perspective when people with room for manoeuvre meet? How should we act in and for the organisations of the economy and what effects can be expected? What expands and what limits our individual choices? Which stories develop from this?

These are the questions our managing director Chris explores in his podcast COACHNIEHUS. Sometimes answers come quite easily, sometimes not at all. But whatever the case, members of the corporate management, employees, his coachees and students at the university seem to find it interesting and helpful. So he is happy to continue!

Chris: “The reactions to the discussions were already very pleasing when we were still on YouTube. Since May 2021 we have a podcast, because that makes the episodes more accessible to everyone and people kept asking for it. Be part of it, but beware! If we think we have results, we should not forget that everything could also be completely different, because in today’s world nobody knows anything.”

Most COACHNIEHUS episodes will be available in German, some in English. The podcast COACHNIEHUS is available almost everywhere where there are podcasts. Just go to PodigeeDeezer, Google, Spotify, Amazon or Apple.