Flunx Areas – Make sure ideas and interests don’t get lost

The people in your company are connected with each other through a wide range of common topics and interests. But often they cannot possess detailed knowledge, as from an individual point of view it is impossible to permanently keep track. This means that many ideas and topics that might be valuable for the development of your company will not be nurtured, for your employees simply don’t see the matching link to a colleague. This is particularly relevant if your company is spread across several locations, or operates globally, or if your employees are working from home.

Well, we have a solution for that. The Flunx app helps your people to find each other by way of common interests and topics. With the Flunx app, they discover countless starting points for further interaction that can be used instantly for mutual benefit.

Imagine you have an idea: be it large or small, a question, helpful suggestions on or interest in a particular topic that is relevant to your organisation. Let’s assume you write two sentences about it and post it in your topic area. On the basis of your post, the Flunx app lists the current entries of other users in your area which are a match to your post because of the same or similar hashtags.

  • Reports module – Compiling facts and figures from an area

  • Hashtag module – Central blocking of undesirable terms

Naturally, your text is also displayed in the hit lists of other users if your hashtags correspond to their entries. If you found a particularly interesting and helpful text in your hit list, then you might respond to the writer of that text. Initially, you might only want to get a feel for how others react to your idea. Or you might like a quick reply to your question. If this brief chat proves fruitful, you might then introduce yourself using the “Hello” button. If the other user responds with a confirmation, you become favourites, and the valuable and inspiring contact continues. From then on, you can also connect with each other directly.

But without this technology, you wouldn’t know! Much to the detriment of the operational effectiveness of your organisation.

Does your organisation have employees or registered users, current members or alumni, conference participants or trade fair visitors? Is your organisation involved in some really exciting activities? Perfect. Flunx areas will help you to further improve and enhance the operative effectiveness of your learning organisation or community. Your topic areas are not visible or accessible to outsiders. They can only be viewed by the parties involved.

  • Info module – Feeding appropriate information and links into hit lists

  • Licence module – Operation and management of the Flunx technology on own server

Countless topics, be they large or small, become visible to those who have the same or similar interests. For this reason, people with the same interests can find each other immediately. It creates an environment for shared value – for that which helps individual people ultimately benefits all, and your entire organisation profits from it. As the operator of a topic area, you can identify the hot issues and trends in your community.

Our technology follows the principle of self-organisation. If a user finds a text interesting, they would get in touch with the writer. On the other hand, non-relevant entries receive little or no response; they expire and are permanently deleted from the server. Your own expired texts remain on your smartphone so that you may edit and re-post them at a later date if required.