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Unleash the full potential of your recruitment
Flunx Media Video Job Ads!

The job advertisement in text form is no longer up-to-date. Flunx Media Job Ads generate significantly more attention on all important internet platforms.

Job Ads convey much more information, are more emotional and more truthful. They deliver everything you need to inspire suitable talent.

These are the steps to your successful Video Job Ad:

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1. preparation



2. video production



3. distribute the Video Job Ad
via social media campaign


We visit you and film some interviews with your employees or managers. In them, they explain the professional and personal requirements and ideas of the new colleague and give insights into their practical work.

They talk about principles of their company practice and about their values. These statements are interesting, they seem informal and sympathetic. We also film some impressions of your premises to convey the atmosphere at your company.

This gives us what we need to communicate to future employees what you offer and what you are looking for in your company.

Other possible uses for your Video Job Ad:

  • Print – In your publication via QR code or URL
  • Monitor/Beamer – Exhibition stand
  • Website – Embedded on your career page
  • Job board – Integrated link in your ad